Gift Wrap: Mandarin Leaves

December 15, 2015

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gift wrap: mandarin leaves via ANASTASIA MARIE

This one is for all you mandarin lovers. I eat the fruit day in and day out during wintertime and it’s only fair that I dedicate a gift wrap post to one of the best things about winter. Here’s what you need to recreate this look:

Kraft box
Speckled white wrapping paper
Mandarin leaves (fresh is best because it’s not so fragile, but I’m using dried ones and they still look beautiful)
Chunky glitter in a gold/silver mix
Wide gold mesh ribbon
Gold glitter string
Green glitter string
Silver glitter string

Foam brush

Wrap the kraft box in the wrapping paper. Wrap a piece of the wide gold ribbon around the box and secure the two ends on the back with a touch of glue. Let dry before flipping over. While it’s drying, apply some glue to the curled edges of the mandarin leaves. Top off with glitter and shake off the excess. Let dry.

When the wide ribbon has set, take a piece of each of the three glitter strings and wrap once around the box, layering over the wide ribbon. Secure each strand on the back with a small knot. Once the leaves have dried, glue them them onto the top of the box over the layered ribbon and voila, you are done!

gift wrap: mandarin leaves via ANASTASIA MARIEgift wrap: mandarin leaves via ANASTASIA MARIEgift wrap: mandarin leaves via ANASTASIA MARIE

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