Gift Wrap: Glitter Stripe Noble

December 3, 2015

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christmas gift wrap // glitter stripe noble

That time of year has come again. Yes! I’m going to start posting lots of Christmas gift wrap ideas, starting with this one that uses leftovers from my tree. We got a huge one this year and there’s plenty of these itty twigs around.

Paperless gift wrapping is something that many look to when it comes to wrapping because it’s true, if you don’t have a knack for perfect wrapped corners, your gift can end up looking worse wrapped than unwrapped. To recreate this paperless wrap idea, here’s what you need:

Kraft box
Gold glitter tape
Emerald green satin ribbon
Fine gold glitter
Twigs from your tree

Sponge applicator

Start by apply a spot of glue on the edges of the needles of your twigs with the sponge. Apply the glitter and shake off the excess. While that’s drying, take the lid off your kraft box and carefully apply strips of the glitter tape diagonally across the top, folding the ends under the lid. You can try keeping the spaces between them equal or use variation for a more handmade look. Place the lid back on the box and wrap your ribbon around it three times, securing with a small knot on the back. Once your twigs are dried, simply slip them under the topmost strand of ribbon.

christmas gift wrap // glitter stripe noble

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