Gift Wrap: Poinsettia

December 17, 2015

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paper poinsettia gift wrap via ANASTASIA MARIE

Poinsettias are well known as the flower of Christmas. It’s my first time putting one in my own home and I was inspired to create a paper version for one of my gift wrap posts. To recreate this look, you’ll need the following:

Kraft box
White + gold dotted wrapping paper
Berry red cardstock
Emerald green cardstock
Golden yellow cardstock
Gold tinsel
Berry red washi tape (if desired to prettify the wrapping paper flaps)

Mounting tape

Start by cutting out two poinsettia silhouettes from the red cardstock, one smaller and slightly varied from the other. Then cut leaves from the green and seven small circles from the yellow. Glue the two poinsettia together and slightly bend the petals up to create definition. Glue the leaves on the back and arrange the circles in the middle of the poinsettia.

After your box is wrapped in the wrapping paper, wind the tinsel around the box three times and secure on the bottom with a small knot. Cut itty strips of mounting tape and place two pieces in between the strands of tinsel. Add another layer or two of the mounting tape until your “mound” is just as tall as your tinsel. Secure the paper poinsettia on the tape.

paper poinsettia gift wrap via ANASTASIA MARIE paper poinsettia gift wrap via ANASTASIA MARIE paper poinsettia gift wrap via ANASTASIA MARIE

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