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Our Jack

June 6, 2017

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It’s been super quiet around here, but not without reason. I totally spaced out on updating my blog with the news that our second son arrived on March 1st. I don’t plan on posting too much for another few months; we’ll see how things go with our new addition. In the meantime, take a look at this cutie of ours!

Gift Them Memories with Artifact Uprising

November 3, 2016

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I published a post earlier this week with a gift wrap idea, well, here’s the continuation of that.

wrapping with cork // anastasia marie

I’ve teamed up with Artifact Uprising again to bring you this post. Artifact Uprising has recently released the most adorable cork + brass stand to host your square prints and I’m here to gush all about it. I gifted one to my mama earlier this week along with a set of square prints of Henry growing up. I put dates on the back of each print so she can always know when the photo was taken. What I love most about square prints and the little stands that coordinate with them is your ability to swap out prints whenever you feel like it, no hassle. Whether it’s your favorite quote or a memorable snap, my bookshelf is happier with such a stand.

artifact uprising cork stand and prints // anastasia marieartifact uprising cork stand and prints // anastasia marieartifact uprising cork stand and prints // anastasia marieartifact uprising cork stand and prints // anastasia marie

My parents are undergoing a massive overhaul in their home right now, renovating just about everything on the first floor. Changing things up does make the space you spent years in making memories look very different, but my mama was so excited to unwrap the stand and square prints, adding that it was the perfect touch she needed to keep up with all that “something new” in their space, yet timeless memories of what has already happened there in order to make it a home. Let’s just say my home is enjoying the benefits of this cork + brass stand too.

artifact uprising cork stand and prints // anastasia marie

Hello Spring

March 29, 2016

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spring blossoms captured by Anastasia Marie

Winter here in the PNW has been brutally wet (though not very cold) and this week we are gifted with a full week of sunshine. You can’t imagine the happiness in this household. Henry has taken to doing yard work daily and we have plans to put together our very own garden next week. There is not much to do in our backyard currently so I’m hoping this garden will perk things up. We have pretty much not touched that area of our home since we moved in, but this summer we have plans to finally tackle it. I’m looking forward mostly to fixing up the deck and being able to place some chairs and a bistro table out there for morning breakfasts and evening lemonades. What are some of your spring + summer plans for this year?

yard work

A New Year + Snow

January 6, 2016

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falling snow

It’s a shiny brand new year and even though it’s technically not any different type of day, but for some reason, we tend to find inspiration in the fact that it’s new. New means lots of things, and for me, it feels like I’m starting with a fresh slate and I’m ready to tackle stuff. Perhaps it was all that time off I took for Christmas + the New Year. Anyways, nothing beats starting the New Year with a dusting of snow, and that’s exactly what we did over here. I ordered my little guy a snowsuit right before Christmas when we had snow in forecast then (didn’t see a single flake), and it finally came in handy now (when it was not forecast at all, ha). Isn’t he just the cutest little snow puff ever?

via Anastasia Marie via Anastasia Marie

Hello Autumn

September 1, 2015

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autumn leaves

Autumn is here. I prefer that word so much more than fall. It sounds more beautiful. I saw the leaves (pictured above) the other day and was giddy. The first signs of fall. It was just one main branch of the tree, oddly enough, for the bulk of the tree is still a luscious green. I do love summer, but we had such a hot one this year, I’m so glad to see the rain and hear it falling at night. I love being able to step outside and not instantly sweat. Give a couple months and I’ll start complaining about all the rain and how I long for summer again, but I guess that’s just life. I’m really looking forward to all the adventures this season holds, and if you’re interested in following along, I post more regularly over on Instagram, so it’d be really really cool if you followed along there: @anastasiamika

instagram @anastasiamika

photos via Instagram @anastasiamika