Red Autumn Giveaway!

October 11, 2010

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Hello all! The Red Autumn Giveaway has finally come! Now it’s time for all the details to come out! You’ve all been so wonderful in supporting me as I made huge steps in my company to get it to where it is today. Thank you for all your kind words and for many of you, the time and sweat you put into helping me move along. And just because I’m so thankful this autumn, I am doing a little giveaway! Which leads to a question: what’s being given away?

For starters, one person will be chosen to receive five free cards of his/her choice from the Red Autumn Collection {depending on availability}. You can look for these cards in the Red Autumn Facebook album or on my blog here, here, or here. And furthermore, another person will receive a $35 certificate to use towards the purchase of cards online or to start designing his/her own custom stationery. The giveaway ends on Thursday, October 14th, at 11:59 pm. There will be a random drawing and the winners will be announced Friday, October 15th {which just so happens to be my dear sister’s birthday!} in my Weekend Post. To find out who wins, make sure you check the post! And who knows, perhaps I’ll decide to send out an extra certificate or an extra set of cards if more people participate than I expected!

Okay, now you’re probably wondering, “How can I win?” The rules are simple and there are a few ways to win.

1. Like this post and leave a comment below telling me what your favorite autumn memory is and how that can be incorporated into a card. {one entry}

2. Follow me on Twitter: @anastasiamika and tweet “Win 5 free cards or a gift certificate for $35 from @anastasiamika !!!” and then leave a comment below with your Twitter name. {two entries: one for following and another for tweeting. If you already follow me, your tweet gets you two entries.}

3. Become a fan on Facebook and post “Win 5 free cards or a gift certificate for $35 from Anastasia Marie: Handcrafted Cards & Stationery! Check it out here:” on your profile page and leave a comment below telling me you did both things. {two entries: one for liking the page and another for posting. If you already like my page, your profile page post gets you two entries.}

If you do all three, you have 5x the chance of winning! {Side note: your tweets and Facebook posts will only be counted if you leave the necessary comments below.} At this point I would probably say “good luck,” but since I don’t believe in luck, I’ll say HAVE FUN! Let all your friends know about this, even if they don’t have Facebook or Twitter. They can still win by leaving a comment below about their favorite autumn memory!

24 thoughts on “Red Autumn Giveaway!

  1. Eleanor Petry

    Hello Stacy, Of course I’m already following you and Fb and Twitter. I tweeted and posted the links on Facebook. I wanna say, I love contests great Idea to get blog traffic. It’s so much fun and exciting! Ha, Well. One of my favorite fall memories. At my house, with a fire, cocoa, and good friends playing poker on a stormy day outside.

  2. Sylvia

    I love Halloween; I’ve always loved the idea of dressing up as something completely different and having fun. One of my favorite autumn memories revolves around my love of Halloween, and that would be dressing you and Katia up before going with your family to the Harvest Festival your church was hosting. Yes, that would be the picture of you I have in my Facebook album.

  3. Sophia

    So while fall mostly brings up warm, cozy memories in us… there are also ones that are more adventurous and brisk. For example: a hike on a mountain where all the leaves are changing colors (the air is cooler) wildlife is still to be seen… and at the top a 360 degree view of the world below. :) This is basically describing a hike I went on a few days ago. :)
    Hikes are essential for a “fullness of fall” kind of feel.
    You can incorporate that into a card by putting a figure on a mtn. crest looking at the “fire” of trees below. Or a breeze through a thick forest where deer are to be seen w/ a hiker watching.

  4. Sophia

    :) I’m wanting to win bad enough that I opened a twitter account just to get those two extra chances!
    Plus I posted on facebook.
    Is there anything extra I could do?

  5. Rita

    Fall is my favorite season since childhood. Since, I was born on October 9th and got married on October 14th, autumn is full of sweetest memories ever. My favorite memory is deep red leaves as a background to my white wedding dress, as I was drinking Starbucks’ double tall nonfat latte on my wedding day.

  6. Wehaf

    Growing up, fall was always soccer season. I loved playing soccer in the wind, practicing in the chilly evenings, spending game day down at the field watching my brother’s game, and then playing my own. I know that soccer cards would be very specific, but I think that cards that evoke running in the wind, especially with fall leaves, would speak to people who grew up playing fall sports, like I did. Children playing on green fields strewn with can bring back the same memories, so that could be another image to work with.

  7. Sasha

    Autumn is pretty sucky season, and I don’t necessarily like it.
    But…um…it would be pretty awesome to win some cards ;)
    So yeah, all 3 steps are done!

  8. Sofia Panibratets

    Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons! Maybe it’s the fresh crisp air or beautiful colors or simply a natural love that came with being born in October.

    My favorite memory was “The Hunt for Pink November” which included a BBQ in a barn, hay ride, and a scavenger hunt! The hay ride was the best worship time I can ever remember. No lights, just the stars above. Closely surrounded by friends.

    To me fall is: back-to-school night, pumpkin patches, hayrides, candy corn, leaves of all colors, hot apple cider, the anticipation of the holiday season. Fall marks the beginning of the end of a year. It gives you that child like feeling of something great coming just around the corner. Fall is also harvest at church & Thanksgiving day with family!

    Stacy, so many idea of how to incorporated the above themes into a card.

    For the back-to-school theme you can make cards shaped into a school, or other school supply: like a pencil, and when you open it, there can be a place to stick a school picture in Or it could just be blank and parents can write a note to their child or the teacher.

    For the farmy themes: You could have a bunch of pumpkins with a 3-d scarecrow or hay barrows with real hay LOL.

    For thanksgiving cards: You could have lots of food on a card (including turkey), fall leaves, pilgrim hats, Native American feathers.

    Also, if your doing Halloween themes: Candy, cand, & candy on the cards :)

    I hope I managed to inspire at least a little…

  9. Olena Boyko

    I love fall. You can really see all the golden colors. I love taking a walk troughs the park with my husband. Cool wind, crisp leaves… now we have kids who absolutely love making huge piles of leaves and just trowing them in the air watching them twirl down… they love hiding under the leaves with their heads peaking out.

    Idea for a card:
    Welcome fall is a pile of leaves with couple of kids heads peaking. This could be used to invite friends over for fall celebration.

    Romantic walk: couple walking tree on one side, leaves on the ground.

  10. Rhonda Rgoalski

    I have liked your Facebook page and posted your link on my profile.

    I am following you on Twitter and Tweeted your link.

    My favorite fall memory is walking with my grandfather along a hiking path to check out the beautiful fall colors when I was 10 years old <3

  11. Oksana Miroshnichenko

    For me, since I live in Florida and don’t get to see the leaves change colors, Fall is a season I miss the most. Any chance I get to visit up North, I take it. Jumping into piles of leaves (in Pennsylvania) is one of the biggest memories I cherish from childhood so having kids jumping into leaves would be a cool design.
    Another memory is roasting marshmallows over a bon fire. so maybe having hands reaching and roasting marshmallows on a campfire would be cute.

    If I had a twitter account, I would tweet about you but I don’t and if I made one now, I probably wouldn’t have any friends on it soon enough… so that would be pretty pointless :/

    I did “like” your page on Facebook tho and posted a status.

    P.s. Love your work. You have talent! God Bless! : )

  12. Alina Nagornyy

    My favorite autumn memory is my engagement, just happened to happen in my favorite season. It all happened on the most perfect tree branch, with all fall leaves around. Just the perfect setting. It was a moment to forever cherish and i will always remember that beautiful fall afternoon, sitting on a tree branch getting proposed to :)

  13. Anna

    i did the facebook one :) i cant think of any fall memories besides the one of me and you in the floral class goofing off and driving the teacher crazy :) you’re awesome! love you!

  14. Yana K

    Stacey! Already following you on Twitter and FB. My twitter name @yanakrikov.

    I already “like” you on fb and the post is on my wall:)

    My favorite autumn memory: being warm and cozy inside while it’s gloomy (and most likely rainy) outside. dont know, something unbelievably comforting about that:)

    Can’t wait to see the finished cards for this giveaway!

  15. Jimmy

    So… Um… I’m your husband, does that get me extra points? Just kidding, I don’t want to ruin everyones chances. Thanks everyone for supporting my wonderful wife!

  16. Anastasia Marie Post author

    Thank you all for your lovely comments! I dare say next year will have lots of cute cards due to your ideas that you so graciously bestowed! It was really great reading about your favorite bits of autumn, from engagements to weddings and golden colors to hay rides. And Olga M, I can’t wait for Christmas either! I’m starting my 2010 Christmas collection soon and I’m way excited for that too!


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