Facebook Love Giveaway

November 2, 2010

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Time for another giveaway…of sorts. Nothing too strenuous with this one, but we can have a little fun nonetheless! Everyone can win! It’s really simple:

1.  Like this post.

2.  Tell your friends! If my Facebook page {facebook.com/amariecards} can have 500 likes by December 5th, I’ll release a 15% off coupon code for everyone. This coupon is good for everything online, even ready to order wedding stationery! But to make it even better, if the page can get 550 likes, it’ll be a 20% off code. If 600, it’ll be a 25% off code. If more than 650, it’ll be a 30% off coupon code!! Who wants this coupon code?

The coupon code will be released December 5th on Facebook and on my blog, so look for it then! And on December 6th, another giveaway focused on Christmas will start! The coupon code will expire the day after Christmas — so if you’re looking to order Christmas cards, make sure you order them at least a week before Christmas so you could get them on time!

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