One Year Together

March 31, 2011

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Shortly after our one year anniversary, my hubby and I got together with Max Lopatin to take some lovely pictures. Yes, it’s been a year already. Back when that time was passing, we ordered a cake just like our wedding cake, but much smaller of course. We invited both sets of families over and got to enjoy the cake we only got a bite out of on our wedding day. It was delicious! And after one year of marriage, we did learn how to cut the cake more smoothly, haha.

So happy one year to us! But we’re actually drawing near to our two year mark {in June}. So these pretty  pictures are a bit late in appearance, but it’s never too late to celebrate. It has sure been lovely being married to my honey and I’m looking forward to more of this loveliness.

Yesterday Max Lopatin posted some of these anniversary pictures on his blog, but I loved many more than he posted. So today I’ll devote one blog post to share even more pictures with you!


In Washington, we have to stop and smell the roses enjoy the sunshine while it’s there. None of this go-away-sunshine business here. I even convinced my honey to stop and enjoy, but he didn’t seem too into it.


For one picture we tried to stuff my hands into my jean pockets. A task that came so easily for my husband, but I only managed to squeeze in three fingers one inch down. Fail.


At the end of the shoot, my hubby decided to have some fun. We crawled into a very old truck bed for some pictures {with some terrible lighting} and nearly fell through in some places. That truck bed is more than old. We played robbers and cowboys. Were in a parade. And ended our day with good laughs and big hug. Thank you Max for these wonderful memories. Two year anniversary pictures soon??


3 thoughts on “One Year Together

  1. Jennie

    Happy anniversary! The photos are super cute and can I just say what a cute couple you make.


    p.s. love your ruffled shirt in the photos


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