Inspire. Palette #22: Rosy Valentine

January 6, 2011

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You’ve voted and I’m obeying — my two blogs have merged into one! My very first inspirational palette on the new + improved {and most certainly combined} blog is #22. So welcome Chartreuse readers and Anastasia Marie readers to one place! Hope you love this new format as much as I do!

Anyhoooo, with all this Valentine frenzy going on right now, and as I’m preparing to reveal the Valentine’s collection for this year {which sadly will happen early next week instead of this week}…I’ve put together some inspiration to keep me cutting away with style.

{image credits: 1 love poems 2 bedroom 3 card 4 dress 5 shoes 6 drinks 7 mini cakes 8 candle}

If you haven’t seen the previous inspirational palettes, here’s a list: {all of them can be previewed on Facebook}

1 Courtyard Bloom  2 Green Velvet  3 Christmas Home  4 Queen’s Lace  5 Hello Bows 1  6 Hello Bows 2  7 Paper Blooms  8 Red Holiday  9 White Christmas  10 Needles & Cones  11 Cozy Spirit  12 Wintery Wonderland  13 Sparkle Silver  14 City Snow  15 Country Winter  16 Woodsy Cabin  17 Playful Snow  18 Natural Goodness  19 Feminine Grace  20 Bright Pop  21 Dainty Allure

4 thoughts on “Inspire. Palette #22: Rosy Valentine

  1. mary kuzkin

    as unbelievable as it may seem but my favorite color is pink!
    so, this is my most adored color palette you have ever posted!

    if i ever get married, i’m pretty sure i’m gonna ask you for help with my color combinations :D

    <3 mk


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