Gift Wrap: Polka Feather

April 1, 2015

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gift wrap: polka feather // anastasia marie

Remember my original feathered gift wrap post? Well, I’m recycling the paper feather for another gift wrap post because I love how paper feathers look on packages. Supplies needed:

White polka dot wrapping paper + tape (this paper was found at Target)
Translucent sleeve
Mini card
Mini glitter clothespin
White paper
Chunky glitter
Iridescent + white twine
Glitter glue

Start by making your glittered paper feather. Cut out a feather in a shape you prefer from the white paper; it can be super simple or more intricate like mine. Apply a line of glitter glue down the middle and cover with the chunky glitter. I personally love chunky glitter because it has more texture than fine glitter, but if you prefer yours fine, that’s perfectly fine.

While your feather is drying, begin wrapping your package in the polka dot paper and secure with double sided tape. We never want to see tape on a wrapped gift (unless it’s washi tape, of course). Using the twine, wrap it around your package a few times and secure in the back with a knot. Insert your card into the sleeve, slide it underneath the twine, and pin your paper feather onto the sleeve with a mini clothespin. I used the same color of glitter clothespin as the glitter on the feather, but if you want to play around with color, the power is in your hands!

gift wrap: polka feather // anastasia mariegift wrap: polka feather // anastasia marie

1 thought on “Gift Wrap: Polka Feather

  1. Nikki @ Tikkido

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’m a sucker for creative packaging and giftwrap ideas, and I’ve been going nuts pinning stuff from your blog! I’m delighted to have found you and can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


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