Gift Wrap: Kraft Box with Stamped Heart

March 27, 2013

Filed Under : Gift Wrap + Packaging - Paper Projects

Sometimes when you don’t have the time to wrap up a gift in wrapping paper, and you really don’t like gift bags, you could try a nice box instead. I’m a huge fan of kraft boxes and have them stocked up in my studio at all times for emergencies. Sometimes I like to gift spontaneously, and making a quick to Target just isn’t in the schedule. And wrapping these boxes up doesn’t take too much time. Because boxes are so structured, there’s no need to cover them up. For this gift, I taped the box shut with purple washi tape and tied a bow around it with purple bakers twine. I then stamped a huge heart on linen paper, placed that on top of the ¬†enveloped card, slipped it under the bakers twine, and pinned it to the box with a mini clothespin. Simple, yet adorable.

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