Gift Wrap: Itty Flag

July 9, 2015

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gift wrap: itty flag // by ANASTASIA MARIE

This gift wrap idea is for you glitter lovers. To recreate this look, you’ll need the following supplies:

White wrapping paper
Chunky glitter (shown in iridescent)
Glitter tape (shown in lavender)
Wood pick

Double-sided tape
ModPodge (for paper)
Foam brush
X-acto knife

As usual, start by wrapping your gift in the wrapping paper and seal with the double-sided tape. Using your foam brush, spread the glue in a wave like swooshes across the paper. Cover in the glitter, let sit for a bit, and then shake off the excess.

Cut a length of the glitter tape and fold over the wood pick. Trim the edge if you’re like for an extra touch. Take your knife and carefully cut two slits into the top of the wrapped gift. Use the knife’s edge to guide the flag pick through both slits, going under first and then over. And you’re done!

gift wrap: itty flag // by ANASTASIA MARIEgift wrap: itty flag // by ANASTASIA MARIE

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