Gift Wrap: Butterfly

June 30, 2015

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butterfly gift wrap // by ANASTASIA MARIE

Inspired by my last gift wrap post, the caterpillar, today I have butterflies for you. I wrapped up two baby shower presents for two sisters with this idea. Packaging supplies needed are listed below:

White patterned wrapping paper (the one I used was found at Paper Source)
Glitter twine
Pastel colored cardstock
Puff glue

Double-sided tape
Tacky glue

Wrap your boxed gift with the wrapping and secure with the double-sided tape. Wind a few layers of the glitter twine around the package, securing with a knot on the backside of the package. Next, cut out a pretty butterfly silhouette. Bend the wings up to give it a bigger 3D effect. Using the puff glue, dot along the edges of the butterfly wings. Once that dries, use the tacky glue to secure the butterfly onto the package, putting glue only on the body of the butterfly (not the wings!) And you’re done!

butterfly gift wrap // by ANASTASIA MARIE butterfly gift wrap // by ANASTASIA MARIEbutterfly gift wrap // by ANASTASIA MARIE

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