Getting Closer to the New Look

December 29, 2011

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We’re getting closer to the big launch of my new brand!

Once the new year hits, you’ll see some new things start popping up. It’s all in the process of gradually switching over to my new brand. I am so excited! I’m trying to make the shift from my current blog to my new one, so all the posts will be formatted to welcome the new look. You won’t see any parts of the new look show up just yet though. I’ll sprinkle some pixie dust over my current site and blog sometime soon and overnight everything will transform. I’ll let you know when that day will be as it draws closer.

>> My new site and blog are being written out in code right now. Can’t wait to see how all the pieces will come together onto a real site versus a sketched design.

>> My logo is finished! I feel like the current one doesn’t quite fit the style of my work or what I want my company to be represented by, so I’m really excited to finally have something that’s more in tune with me. Sneak peek? Well, okay…a really teeny tiny one. Don’t know how much you’ll get out of that…

>> I’ll be adding new things to my shop once the new brand is live. Yep, get ready see other fun things alongside the cards now. I’m putting the “mission of my shop” together right now, so I’ll let you all know later what these new things will be. But if I’m excited, then it’s going to be good! I’ll finally also have a sale section. It’s been a while coming.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll share more next week.

PS: I’m trying to achieve a goal of mine by getting 1000 likes on my Facebook page before the year is out. Have you liked my page yet?

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