Dripping Paint Birthday Invitations

December 8, 2011

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Yet another birthday has passed. Every year when it comes to my birthday invitations, I get all excited. It’s not every day that I get to design and assemble something for myself. Remember last year’s Kate Spade inspired set? Well this year I created a painterly theme for my invitations. I had props left over from my latest stationery shoot that I thought I’d recycle into the stationery as well as decor for the party.

I found some super thick paper that I had lying around and picked out four colors of paint (sunny yellow, ocean blue, pink, and metallic gold) from my craft box. I squeezed the paint onto the trimmed thick paper, letting the excess roll down the invitation. All the party info was printed on yellow paper and trimmed just so I could wrap it around the invitation. I secured the yellow strip with super sticky kraft tape on the back. I also added puff tape underneath the front portion of the strip to give it a bit of lift. For the envelope, I chose ones that were left over from my dad’s birthday party invitations and used the same kraft tape to seal the flap. Talk about only using what I already had. Makes me so glad that I’m a saver.

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