Confetti Time!

April 26, 2012

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The confetti is finally falling! None of this ‘almost’ anymore! The new brand has been a while in the making and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. A few tweaks will need to made here and there, but folks, it’s here to stay!

I started my rebranding process last fall when I realized that my brand at that time just wasn’t me. I was so excited to launch the first time around, that I skipped a ton of steps in my rush. Not this time. Hooray! In the next month, I’ll be sharing my favorite images from each of the four shoots that I had up in Seattle, plus the fifth one in my hometown. I’ll also be sharing my new brand with you in a bit more depth: little looks at my new packaging, paper goods, and the new shop. Eeek! I still can’t believe it’s finally here!

I really want to thank my husband for standing by me throughout this whole process — running to the store late at night because my keyboard and mouse batteries were dying from all the use, bringing me tea and pizza so I could reenergize, and giving me those tight hugs when I was feeling stressed. Thank you to Daniel Usenko, the photographer who took all these amazing shots that you see throughout the website and shop (PS: today is his birthday!). Thank you to my friend Arkadiy, who coded this whole new website and blog for me. And a big thanks to you all, all my supporters who have been so sweet throughout this rebranding process. I have really enjoyed seeing all the exclamation points coming in my direction; it makes me so happy that you have all looked forward to this new brand just as much as I have. You rock.

Feel free to browse the new site, every crook and nanny. And make sure you visit the new shop. It’s filled with a bunch of new goodies and there’s even more coming in May. This is just a taste!

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13 thoughts on “Confetti Time!

  1. nata

    This new and more like you site is very darn lovely! I’m also glad that all the stress of it is off of your shoulders.

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