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Gift Wrap: Stack ‘Em High

August 23, 2016

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pastel blue + ivory + gold gift wrap // via Anastasia Marie

You just might find this series of wrapped gifts familiar. Yup, that’s because I’ve been slowing blogging them over the last couple months. You can find links to each separate one below.

Wrapping gifts is such a thrill for me, but I’m also a fan of coordinating. This set of wrapped packages was for a friend’s baby shower and you’ll find elements that each gift shares: confetti and color scheme. The confetti was either on the wrapping paper, in the form of sequins, or cut from tissue paper.

Are you a fan of coordinating your stack of gifts? I do it every time. Seriously.

pastel blue + ivory + gold gift wrap // via Anastasia Marie pastel blue + ivory + gold gift wrap // via Anastasia Marie

Links to each gift wrap idea (from top to bottom):
One: Simple Sequins
Two: Tissue Confetti
Three: Cascading Sequins
Four: Get Glittered

Gift Wrap: Get Glittered

August 16, 2016

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gift wrap: get glittered // ANASTASIA MARIE

When you don’t have an incredible amount of time to wrap up a gift, but you still want that statement, all you need to do is add one flashy piece. Today’s gift wrap idea is just that. Here’s the breakdown of what you need:

Gift box
Pastel polka dot paper in two different colors (found both these versions at Home Goods)
Gold glitter string
Gold glitter
Small wooden gift tag

Double-sided tape

Start by applying ModPodge glue to one side of the wooden gift tag. Cover with glitter, shake off any excess, and let dry. Meanwhile, begin wrapping your gift with one of the wrapping papers you choose, securing with double-sided tape. Next, cut a skinny strip of paper from your second roll of wrapping paper, just enough to wrap around the middle once. Secure that with the tape as well. Next, wrap your box several times with the glitter string and tie with a knot on the backside. Once your glitter tag is dry, tie that onto the gift with more glitter string. Done!

Gift Wrap: Cascading Sequins

July 25, 2016

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gift wrap: cascading sequins // ANASTASIA MARIE

Sequins can be really fun—especially when they dress up simple gift wrapping paper to make a gift stand out more. This wrapped gift for a friend of mine for her baby shower, and if you want to re-create this look, here’s the how-to and what you need:

Gift box
Gold kraft wrapping paper (found this one at Target a few years back)
White glitter string
Gold + iridescent white sequins

Tacky glue
Double-sided tape

Wrap your gift box with the wrapping paper and secure with the double-sided tape. Next, apply dots of glue on top of the wrapped gift, starting from the top left corner and working your way down to the bottom right. Be as random as you’d like. Place one sequin on top of each glue dot, switching between gold and iridescent white as you go. If you feel like you need another round of glue dots and sequins, go ahead and fill in any gaps (I did that part an extra two times before I was satisfied!). Lastly, wrap the white glitter string around the box in the middle several times and secure on the backside with a small knot. And just like that, you’re done!

gift wrap: cascading sequins // ANASTASIA MARIE gift wrap: cascading sequins // ANASTASIA MARIE

Gift Wrap: Tissue Confetti

June 20, 2016

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tissue confetti gift wrap // by anastasia marie

I currently have an obsession with confetti right now. So today’s gift wrap uses tissue confetti on top of confetti wrapping paper. Here’s what you need:

Gift box
Confetti wrapping paper (I found this gold one at Home Goods)
Confetti tissue paper
Metallic tissue paper
Iridescent white glitter string

1.5″ circle punch
1/8″ hole punch
Double-sided tape

Once your gift box is wrapped in the confetti paper, carefully punch out confetti circles from your tissue paper using the circle punch. It works best when you fold the tissue paper over a few times and punch through the layers. Once those are punched out, use your small hole punch to punch one hole in each circle about 1/4″ in (yup, punching a stack of circles at once is easier than punching individually when it comes to tissue paper). Next, string the tissue circles onto the glitter string, randomly spacing them out. It’ll take a bit of work getting the string into the small holes, but it’ll look so much better without those gaping holes in the tissue. Once that’s done, simple wrap the glitter string around the wrapped box and tie into a knot on the bottom of the box. Make sure your confetti circles span from edge to edge. And done!

tissue confetti gift wrap // by anastasia marietissue confetti gift wrap // by anastasia marie