Custom Card: Water Love

June 9, 2011

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I’ve known Dmitriy for years and only recently got to meet his pretty lady, Victoria. Victoria is one of those girls you immediately like and admire. The two recently got married and here’s an amazingly sweet recap of the proposal and wedding day by Shiksa Studio.

Dmitriy + Victoria | Recap from Shiksa Studio on Vimeo.

Dmitriy is a firefighter and this is the card that Victoria custom designed to give to her husband on their wedding day. You can even catch a glimpse of Dmitriy receiving the card in the film. The bride stands in a white lace dress wearing a red firefighter’s hat and holding a firefighter’s hose that has water pouring out {and a little bit of “I <3 U” too}.

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4 thoughts on “Custom Card: Water Love

  1. Corinna

    What a fabulous idea and my husband is also a firefighter so I’m loving it even more. A twist would work for Father’s Day and I may just have to attempt one from our daughter.


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