Pieces of my Christmas Home

November 26, 2012

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Decorating for Christmas is something I devote a whole day to, yet every year I keep it simple and sweet. My husband told me just a few days ago that our home looks the same every Christmas. That’s because I use the same ornaments and other little details every year. I never feel like spending a load of money every year to do something different. But I do shop around and buy extra little details on sale as Christmas draws to a close — for the next Christmas, of course. Does your Christmas decor change from year to year, or does it stay the same with a few extra new details? And yes, those frames below majorly need some photos in them since they’ve been sitting up on my mantle for nearly a year like that.

10 thoughts on “Pieces of my Christmas Home

  1. Tanya

    Love your cute decorations!!! A few years ago we went camping and I collected a whole bag full of mini pinecones like the ones you have. Didn’t know what to do with them at the time, but now that we have our place I’m glad to use them as Christmas decor :)

  2. Laura Barnes

    I LOVE your tree topper! Do you mind me asking where you found it? Our tree hasn’t had one for about five years because I haven’t found the ‘perfect’ one! Thanks!! Laura

  3. natalya

    Love your cute little decorated home. I love traditions and I think it’s great that you do the same thing over and over, isn’t that the meaning of “tradition?!”


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