Off to Maui!

March 7, 2011

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Eeek, I cannot wait! Tomorrow I’m flying off to Maui for 11 days, so things won’t be back to normal until the 21st of March. While I’m away, I have some guest bloggers who’ll be making posts for me. I’m excited about it because all these folks have been inspirations for me, and it’s an honor that they’ll be posting their creative taste buds on my blog. Who, you ask? Just you wait and see! And I just might do two posts whiles I’m away: Weekend Posts on both Fridays I’ll be gone. Content of those posts? Not too sure. We’ll see how things go and if I’m even up for blogging while I’m supposed to be vacationing! Isn’t this tree breathtaking? {via Stephanie Williams}


Hmm, and while I’ll be watching sunsets galore, climbing incredibly tangled-looking trees and going hiking up into the mountains to see lots of waterfalls…you get ready for another GIVEAWAY that starts the Monday I return, the 21st of March…ready for it yet?

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