NEW in the Shop: Rubber Stamps

November 1, 2012

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They’re finally here. The first set of rubber stamps! You can see all the new designs in my Shop, but to start with, let me introduce the washi-inspired ones. Three designs that can be purchased separately or as a set, they’re a great way to deck out your gift tags, social stationery, gift bags, and more. Let’s just say I’m saving some for myself too.

I also created some designs for my own company to use in my packaging, and when I love something so much, I like sharing them. So yes, you’re now able to purchase two of my very own special rubber stamps — the Handmade one and the Handle With Care one.

And who doesn’t love a custom rubber stamp? Get ready to leave your initials on all surfaces! Choose to have just your initials or the initials of you and your love and stamp away.

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