My Anniversary Celebration

September 1, 2011

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I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I officially launched my little company! I’m amazed at how fast time is just passing us by. I  have certainly enjoyed every minute of it and I’m pleased to see how it has grown in the last year. {image via Flickr}

Just a few of things that make me happy: I made some very sweet blogging friends. Got to see my work get featured on some of the most amazing blogs. Opened up my very own Etsy Shop and even made some international sales, which I wasn’t expecting at all.

And before I stray too far from the topic of friends, I just wanted to let you know of something special that’s coming real soon. I’ve gathered a group of some of the most inspiring + friendly bloggers to guest blog for me for nearly the whole month of September. After such a crazy summer, and then the killer at the end {a.k.a. the stationery shoot}, I’m ready to get offline for a bit. It’s time to take some time off to analyze what exactly I’m doing and if any of my goals have gone astray and where improvements can be made. What else are anniversaries for? So yes, for three whole weeks, get ready to see some inspiring posts from some of my most favorite bloggers of all time. This all starts on the 12th and I’m giggling with excitement already. And when I come back in October, it’ll be the beginning of the holiday season in my Shop and on my blog. This is definitely my most favorite time of year.

So, in celebration of my one year anniversary, at 10am PSD today, my anniversary giveaway will launch. I’m giving away some of my most favorite things for fall. Stay tuned for details!

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