Maternity Leave

March 31, 2014

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baby shower decor

Isn’t that baby shower cake just the cutest? And those paper airplanes and stars? They’re just small details from my baby shower that took place a month ago and I’m in love still.

So, as you’ve noticed, it’s been really slow on the blog of late as I prep for the arrival of our very first babe in just two weeks and I guess now is a good time as any to say that I am officially going on maternity leave! I will take a break from blogging in order to adjust to all the newness and embrace the life of motherhood. Since blogging is a very time-consuming thing, I’m not exactly sure when I will start up again, but I hope sometime in early summer or late spring. The Shop will stay open a while longer, but will be closed for just a wee bit as we get closer to the due date and for a bit afterwards. Once the Shop hits vacation mode, you will be able to sign up for an email notification via Etsy when it is back and running.

And just to share a few snaps from our maternity love shoot to make this blog post even sweeter:

maternity love shootmaternity love shootmaternity love shootmaternity love shootmaternity love shoot

Photos by Angela Shae.


UPDATE: the Shop is now back up and running! Stop by!

Our little one is finally here! Welcome, Henry James! Born 04.14.14 (on his due date, of course) at 11:43 in the morning; 7.4 lbs and 21″ long with a head full of long dark hair. We are beyond ecstatic. We are throughly enjoying how he has transformed our lives and are wondering how in the world life existed before him. Oh my heart.


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