March 12, 2015

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It’s been a while since I’ve been active on here and I just wanted to give you all an update. Spring has been in full force over here for a few weeks now even though it doesn’t officially start until later this month. The hubs and I started spring cleaning and I’m dreaming up how I want to start landscaping our yard this spring/summer. Nothing like spring to get you excited and inspired. I hung up our spring wreath a couple weeks back (a quick diy project for myself, results shown here) and it’s certainly keeps things spring-like around here, even when the weather is pretty blah for a bit. We have a few DIY home projects lined up and I’m hoping I’ll remember to take photos to show you guys the results. We’re excited to try new things out and I’m crossing my fingers for success.

pink blossoms

On the other hand, Henry has been suffering. His top teeth have been coming in for nearly a month now. He’s been having fevers on and off, mostly in the middle of nights. Needless to say, he’s cranky during the days and sleepless during the nights. We’re all exhausted and looking forward to having our little guy feeling comfortable and happy again. I’ve beens spending my days snuggling with him, taking him on outings outside, feeding him his favorite blackberries, napping with him with every nap time — anything to take his mind off the unhappy. The teeth finally broke through four days ago and I’m hoping the sensitivity and swelling will go down soon. I’m definitely looking forward to that break before the next set comes.

pink blossomspink blossoms

PS: Aren’t these cherry blossoms amazing? I snapped these photos last week just after sunset.

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