Hello 25.

December 4, 2012

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Yesterday was my birthday. I have officially lived a quarter of a century. Every year I try to come up with a fun theme for my birthday party. Past years have been Noah’s Ark, Kate Spade, bright colors, etc.; this year was all about things that sparkle. I’ll be putting up pictures of the decor later on today, as well as the party inspiration palette I put together (after all the partying was all over actually). But in the meantime, here are are some snaps from my Instagram:

1   Putting together some glittery details for the party.

2   Picking out a glittering/sparkling outfit for the party was fun.

3   My sis and I at my party all decked out.

4   Left: a handmade card I received; right: my party invitation (which I’ll put up on the blog Thursday).

5   Birthday crepes with my hubby on my actual birthday.

6   A little stroll through Portland followed afterwards.

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