Gift Wrap: Washi Birthday Candles

September 25, 2013

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washi birthday candles // gift wrap #anastasiamariecards

As always, this week’s gift wrap idea is inspired by this week’s inspiration palette. How do you make this yourself? For starters, wrap your gift up in pretty paper (kraft always works wonders). Then cut out rectangles from white paper in a size you prefer for your candles. Take fun striped striped washi tape (mixing in some solid colors brings it all together better) and secure a strip onto your rectangle cutouts. Trim the excess bits off. Next, cut out little flames from yellow paper. Then take a piece of white string, glue one end on top of the flame and the other end on the backside of your washi tape candles. Glue the finished candles onto your wrapped gift and voila, you’re good to go! If you’d rather purchase them pre-made, you can do so via my Shop!

washi birthday candles // gift wrap #anastasiamariecards washi birthday candles // gift wrap #anastasiamariecards

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