Gift Wrap: Reusing Plain Kraft Boxes

December 18, 2013

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Plain kraft gift boxes are something I reuse every year for Christmas. I have a different gift wrap theme each year, which makes these boxes perfect for dressing up in new styles. I guess this only works if your mother gives you your gift boxes back each like mine does or if it stays within the family. Find the how-to below:


1   Grab a plain kraft box.

2   Cut out a strip of wrapping paper long enough to wrap around the box and a little taller than the actual box (enough to fold over the edge into the inside later).

3   Take that strip of wrapping paper and wrap it around the box, using some double sided tape to secure the two ends together where they meet. Try to avoid getting tape on the actual box itself so you don’t damage it when it’s time to remove the wrapping paper for next year’s theme.

4   Fold the extra bit of wrapping paper on top into the inside. This helps keeps the wrapping paper in place.

5   Place the lid on top, wrapping some velvet glitter ribbon around the box and secure a burlap fabric gift tag.

NEXT YEAR: rip off the wrapping paper and replace with a new print! Your kraft box should be damage free.


1   Trace the top of the box’s lid onto the back of some sparkly glitter paper. Cut out the piece and secure it on top of the lid with double sided tape. This part you won’t take apart for future uses, so make sure you pick a color that you’re willing to live with.

2   Cut out a piece of burlap ribbon, enough to wrap around the edge of the lid with a little overlap. Use tacky glue to glue the overlapping parts together.

3   For some extra pizazz, tie some glitter eyelash string around the burlap ribbon.

NEXT YEAR: slip off the ribbon and replace with a fresh style!

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