Gift Wrap: Pink Bloom

August 4, 2015

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gift wrap: pink bloom via ANASTASIA MARIE

I personally never liked the color pink, but when it comes to paper flowers, pink just seems to give the right amount of pop without going overboard. In this case, I’d call it the pink of peonies. To recreate this gift wrap idea, you’ll need the following supplies:

White and kraft polka dot wrapping paper (I found this one at Target)
Pink cardstock
Green cardstock
White iridescent twine
Gray shimmer paint

Double-sided tape
Puff tape

Start by wrapping your gift with the wrapping paper and sealing with the double-sided tape. Take your twine and wrap it around the box a few times; secure in the back with a knot. Now take your pink cardstock and cut out three flower petal shapes. I chose a six petal silhouette and cut out all three in different sizes. It creates the best layered look that way. Secure them together with a dab of glue, layering them by size — and then dab a bit of your paint on top of the assembled flower in the middle to complete the bloom. Next, cut out a leaf silhouette from the green cardstock. Use puff tape to secure the leaf and the bloom onto the wrapped gift and now you’re ready to roll! If you wanted to, you can also add a burlap gift tag for the final finish.

gift wrap: pink bloom via ANASTASIA MARIEgift wrap: pink bloom via ANASTASIA MARIE

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