Gift Wrap: Gold Tassel

September 24, 2014

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You might have by now noticed my obsession with kraft and gold. Those two complement each other so well. You can never go wrong by wrapping with those two. Never ever.

gold tassel gift wrap // anastasia marie

All you need to recreate this look is a kraft box, some gold glitter twine and gold glitter string, a corrugated gift tag, and some gold glitter — and of course scissors and glue. To start, pump some glue into the grooves of the corrugated gift tag in varying heights. Pile on the glitter and let dry. To make the tassel, cut pieces of twine twice as long as what you’d like your finished tassel to be. Bundle them up and fold in half in the middle. Take a shorter piece of twine and tie all the bundle together, leaving a little loop up top. Wrap some extra twine around the kraft box and then string the finished tassel on. Attach the dried gift tag with some glitter string and you’re ready to roll.

gold tassel gift wrap // anastasia marie
gold tassel gift wrap // anastasia marie

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