Gift Wrap: Gold Flecked

December 2, 2014

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holiday christmas gift wrap // gold flecked  // via Anastasia Marie

The majority of us crafters today have a roll of washi tape somewhere, right? This gift wrap idea requires just a few items to get this look. And if you’re not digging the gold, you could always go with lots of other colors and still look incredible. You could either stay monotone (like I did with the gold), or you can coordinate colors like green + silver or red + gold for a more spunky look. Packaging supplies needed (besides the scissors and tape) are listed below:

Light brown kraft wrapping paper (the one I used is from Target)
Gold washi tape
Gold glitter string
Mini wooden gift tag

After wrapping your gift up with the kraft wrapping paper, rip off pieces of the gold washi tape and scatter over the top of the package and cascade several pieces down each side. A trick to make wooden gift tags reusable is to stick a piece of washi tape onto the tag and use that as your writing surface. Wrap the glitter string around the box, tie the loose ends together on top in a bow, secure the gift tag, and voila! All that’s left is to write the name on the tag and you’re ready to go.

holiday christmas gift wrap // gold flecked  // via Anastasia Marie

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