Gift Wrap: Fresh Leaves

April 17, 2013

Filed Under : Gift Wrap + Packaging - Paper Projects

Wrapping gifts doesn’t have to be complicated, but sometimes it’s worth putting the extra effort into it. This is a similar gift wrap idea that I’ve had on the blog before, but with a fresh spin on it. (See the previous one here.) I’m really into organic things at the moment, so this is my ideal way of wrapping things up.

For this one, I wrapped the package with pinstriped kraft paper and jute. I then paired real greenery with ones cut from paper and tied those on top with the loose ends of the jute. I crumpled up some paper circles and made a string of berries that are often found on bushes. And for the finish, a tag was given gold squiggly lines with gold puff paint and taped onto the package.

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