Gift Wrap: Caterpillar

June 17, 2015

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caterpillar baby shower gift wrap by ANASTASIA MARIE

Baby shower gift wrap is just way too much fun to do. You can get as whimsical and childlike as you want and no one will bat an eye. One of my friends is going to be a mama really soon and for her baby shower, I gave her a caterpillar wrapped gift. Packaging supplies needed are listed below:

Small kraft box (or larger if you have a larger gift, of course)
White polka dotted kraft wrapping paper (the one I used is from Target)
Mint green washi tape
Green glitter string
Mint green cardstock
Dull-point toothpick

Double-sided tape
1/8″ hole punch
Sharp fine tip scissors

Wrap your boxed gift in the wrapping paper, using double-sided tape to secure the flaps. A gift always looks cleaner if you hide the tape, thus why double-sided tape is my favorite. Add the washi tape across the flaps just for decorative style. Wind the glitter string around the box several times, secure the two loose ends, and trim. Once that bit is done, cut out a fun silhouette of a caterpillar from your green cardstock. Use your hole punch to create two small holes in the center of the caterpillar. Guide the toothpick through those holes. Figure out a good placement for the caterpillar, mark where the toothpick would insert into the top of the wrapped gift, and use the fine tip scissors to poke a small hole in that place. Insert the fully assembled caterpillar and you’re done.

caterpillar baby shower gift wrap by ANASTASIA MARIE caterpillar baby shower gift wrap by ANASTASIA MARIE

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