Fourth of July Adventure

July 5, 2012

Filed Under : Personal

Yesterday, the hubs and I slept in, had an easy-going breakfast, and hopped into our car for the rest of the day. I’ve lived in the Vancouver/Portland area pretty much my whole life and never really put it into my head to make the trip east along the Columbia River. So we did just that. We drove until The Dalles, crossed the river, and then drove back on the other side. This little adventure made me appreciate the area where I live even more. Everything is so beautiful, even the drier areas with their golden rolling hills. We wrote down some new things we saw along the way that we want to try very soon, two of them being a train ride and a sternwheeler ride along the Columbia. Then we rewarded ourselves with frozen yogurt and a load of fresh fruit for being so adventurous. What did you all do?

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