DIY: Scallop Garland

January 22, 2015

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We threw a bridal shower / going away party for my sister last weekend. We kept it simple and sweet. I used whatever I had available already in my home, and just popped out to the store to buy greenery for the table. Gold and ivory tablecloths, greens in jars, and various long candlesticks (so they would burn at different speeds and create candles of various lengths). I also handmade a simple scallop garland to hang from the dining room lamp. You can either make this a long garland — or just in pieces like I did, hanging them in a circle around the lamp. These photos were taken long after the party was over and everything was cleaned up, so all the details aren’t here.

diy scallop garland via Anastasia Marie

Supplies needed (besides the paper):

2″ Scallop Punch (I used the Fiskars brand)
1/8″ Hole Punch
Cotton string

To make the garland, punch out scallop circles from various paper textures and colors. I kept the color palette ivory, taupe, and gold since those are some of the key colors of my sister’s wedding. Hole punch the scallops. Cut a good length of string and tie one scallop to the very end. String the next scallop on and tie it on by looping that same end through. To keep it looking smooth, alternate the various scallops by color and texture. Also, don’t secure them on with the same distance in between; instead, vary the distances up and you’ll save yourself the headache of trying to make it ‘perfect’ (this is a big time saver).

Note: a trick to keep the scallops hanging naturally, don’t tighten your loop around each one until you position it properly. Making the loop too tight makes the scallops stick up awkwardly instead of making them look like they’re just falling.

diy scallop garland via Anastasia Mariediy scallop garland via Anastasia Mariediy scallop garland via Anastasia Marie

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