DIY: Gift Card Holders

December 12, 2012

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Wrapping up Christmas gifts is one of my most favorite things to do during the holidays. I’m sure many of you can join in on that with me. The gift that always gets left in the dust it seems is the gift card. I do gift these to people quite often, so I try to present them as prettily as I can. This year, I will be giving out some, so I made some cute little envelopes and am showing you below how to make your own.

1   Cut your holiday paper into 5×4.25″ sized sheets.

2   Score the sheet in three areas: 1 3/8″ from each side and 3/4″ from the bottom. You’ll see a chart above that shows the lines you’ll need to create (yellow dashed lines).

3   Make your flaps by cutting in the designated areas shown above in the same chart (blue dashed lines).

4   Dab some glue on the right flap and fold the left flap over it. Dap some more glue on the bottom flap and fold that one over the other two. You’ll find that you used sturdy paper, getting them to stick together will take a little longer than if you used a lighter weight paper.

5   Cut a finger slot with a pair of scissors or a punch tool.

Embellish the gift card holders some more by adding baker’s twine or some other festive tidbit.

9 thoughts on “DIY: Gift Card Holders

    1. Anastasia Marie Post author

      Di: The I don’t have a printable template for this, but it’s all written out on the post on what sizes you need to cut the paper and everything. To score means to create a crease line along which you would later fold. This helps keep the fold nice and clean. Some people just use a ruler and a score tool, but I like to use Martha Stewarts scoring board. It makes things so much easier.

  1. helen

    Thanks for posting this!! I made a bunch of these with some cardstock I had. Then I had some leftover greeting cards that I couldn’t use and they were perfect for this project! Nice thickness, a bit glossy :).

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