Christmas Magic Giveaway {oh joy}

November 29, 2010

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Christmas is almost here and let me tell you, I’m so excited! My husband tells me I’m a super sentimental person and for the month of December, I won’t try to dismiss that idea! Growing up, December has been my most favorite month because there’s Christmas {of course} and my birthday as well as my husband’s and the new year celebration! Such wonderful celebrations that all get me thinking about my life and how I’m using the time that God has gifted me. I am reminded most graciously in this month how blessed I am and how much God still continues to give me. And being the sentimental person that I apparently am, I’m going to give away something this month as well! Three things:

1. Five {5} free cards from the Wonderland Magic Collection: Snowed In, Cardinal, Holly Greeting, Red Door, and Hot Chocolate. {If you prefer others, I may be flexible.}

2. One gift certificate worth $40. {The is a one-time use code, so you win more if your order is worth more than $40!}

3. Five {5} free cards from any collection. {The winner will be notified how this works once he/she claims the prize!}

And now the rules of the giveaway. And oh, how simple they are! There are two steps and as soon as you complete both, you’re entered into the giveaway!

1. Like this post.

2. Leave a comment below with your favorite Christmas memory.

Yes. That’s it! This giveaway ends on Thursday, December 2nd at 11:59 pm. A winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced on Friday, December 3rd in the Weekend Post {which just so happens to be my birthday!}. So make sure you read that post if you want to know if you won! You’ll have until December 8th to claim your prize, but you’ll definitely want to claim it sooner! Don’t want to miss out on ordering your Christmas cards in advance!! So have fun folks and may this December be more memorable than ever for you!

29 thoughts on “Christmas Magic Giveaway {oh joy}

  1. Eleanor Petry

    My favorite Christmas memory… Hmm, well Waking up on Chirstmas morning when I was little. My parents are the last minute type so, they’d be up all night rapping all the gifts. When my others and sisters would wake up. Super early of course cause we were so excited. Mom and Dad would make us wait at the top of the stair case until everything was just perfect down on our main floor. ( Where the Christmas Tree was. )
    it always seemed like hours before we could go down and see the tree and all the presents that we’d soon be opening. Since I have such a big family and as we get older we all buy eachother gifts. Our living room is filled with presentes. Mmm… I love Christmas, too Stacy! It’s magical.

  2. Arina

    Ever since my older sisters have had kids the holidays have been centered around them. Seeing the lights, tree, and gifts through the eyes of a three year old are pricelss. Since we have so many adults in our family we just do secret santa for eachother and focus on the kids. It is absolute bliss sitting with my mom and sisters with our tea and hot chocolate while nine kids from one to fourteen go through their gifts with countless smiles and laughter. Theres nothing like it :)

  3. Lauren Kelly

    My favorite Christmas memories all have to do with decorating. Every year since I was little my family has gotten together the day after Thanksgiving to decorate the tree and the house while listening to the same CD of Christmas songs. It’s tradition and family time at it’s best. :)

  4. jennifer@nicolejanehome

    Thanks for a perfect Christmas giveaway! My favorite Chrismtas memory is the time my dad showed me reindeer footprints in the snow in our backyard on Christmas morning. Remarkably, they came right up to the back door!?

  5. Rita

    My favorite Christmas memory is from my childhood when our house was snowed in right on the Christmas Eve. There were bags of candy under the decorated Christmas tree and the house full of guests, singing carols around the dinner table.

  6. Xusha

    favorite Christmas memory – sneaking up on Santa at 4 am in the morning.. too bad he was a beardless female that looked awfully like out mother..hmm..

  7. Roni

    My favorite Christmas memory was when I was 6 years old and I experienced my first White Christmas. Christmas music was playing in the background, the fireplace roaring a warm fire, and the day sky still looking like the night sky. I entered into the living room, and there it was…a 6 foot tall WHITE Christmas tree! A white tree, red glass ornaments, silver tinsel, and HUGE red bows. I didn’t even pay attention to the gifts underneath as much as the beauty of that white Christmas tree. To this day, I look forward to a white Christmas but rather than travel a few steps to the living room to enjoy, I have to fly a few miles to New York. ((I’m still dreaming of a White Christmas))..

  8. Sylvia

    My favorite Christmas memory? That’s easy. Becoming a big sister! Yes, my sister was born on Christmas Day and she has been a blessing in my life ever since.

  9. Rachel

    My favorite memory from Christmas has always been making cookies with my mom! I LLLLOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEED being in the kitchen with her, making things sparkly and sneaking frosting!

  10. Irina Popov

    My favorite Christmas memory was when we would build snow forts with my brothers.. Afterwards we would make a bunch of snowballs and have a snowball fight. Also, I loved sledding down huge hills with my family :)

  11. Caraline

    I married my husband on December 22nd in the midst of a blizzard. So snow, Christmas trees and twinkle lights remind me of the day I married my true love :)

  12. Michael

    My favorite Christmas memory has to be pretending that I’m asleep just to see my parents put my gifts under the Christmas tree. I never really succeeded because I actually fell asleep while trying to pretend hehe.

  13. Leo Timoshuk

    My favorite christmas memory its gotta be last year when for the first time our one year old was able to celebrate with us & he actually was so super excited about the presents…it was the beginning of our little family enjoying the christmas spirit.

  14. Sofia Panibratets

    Windowshopping with our mom. Looking at all the toy cities, trains, and toys! Also, Santa train with my dad!

  15. Carmela

    My favorite Christmas memory would have to be as a child with my parents and my three younger sisters when we used to put up our Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving, and we would listen to Christmas music and laugh and have a fun time doing it.

  16. Ed Golyshevskiy

    Haha! Why not? I might have a chance at this. I think my favorite Christmas memory is building huge snowmen with my family (sometimes we’d get them to 8-10 feet tall)! This year, even bigger – if we get snow.

  17. Brook Maplesden

    My favorite Christmas memory was when my grandmother took me and my little brother who was about 2 at the time to drive around town and look at Christmas lights. Well we told my brother what we were going to do and he got really excited as normal and started to babble his baby talk with a few words here and there he had just learned. When we got started at first we were all pretty silent just enjoying the lights oohing and ahhing when all of a sudden he started saying FOR MEEEEEEE every time we saw more lights and did it for every house the rest of the night. It was one of the cutest things ever!

  18. Crystal

    I have too many to list! First are my childhood memories and waking up on Christmas morning to see everything “Santa” brought us. Now, it’s seeing my daughters face and spending time with her putting decorations up.

  19. Tanya

    My goodness, which one to pick! I hope it won’t be too bad if I kind of compress a few into one. :D Hmmm. Well my favorite memories of Christmas start with going out on the chilly adventure with Dad to pick out the perfect tree. Then seeing Mom’s excitement when we come home as she gives her approval and has Dad start setting it up. After everyone gives their opinion on which side should face where and whether it’s centered in the window, we begin the decorating ritual. The tree’s lights and ornaments are hung, the star is shining bright from its place on top. The wreath is hung on the door outside and the stairs are covered with lit up garlands and poinsettias and the air smells of cinnamon apple from air fresheners taken out by Mom and burning candles are laid out everywhere and Katya’s endless Christmas music plays as some of us attempt to sing along. To sum it all up, it’s the cheer that I love the most about Christmas time. Especially at home, it’s always warm and delightful and the place where the blessing of family is realized most. Oh yes, this is my favorite time of year for sure.

  20. Natalya Danch

    My favorite Christmas Memory – When I was small I’d look around the house for the Christmas presents before they were wrapped and placed under the tree. I’d always get my sister and brother into it to help me. Once I’d find the hiding places I’d always before going to bed each night have a peek at them while no one was watching. Well once my mom caught me and returned all our gifts. That was a lesson learned. =)

  21. Evey Nagornyy

    Hey the best Christmas moment or day ever was when we barley even had any presents and it was just me and my family were the only ones at home and we pretty much played games like “Phase 10”, “Uno”, and “Monopoly” it was so much fun :) then we ate like we were the only ones in the world and we were stuffed and it was great because we ended with fellowship about true Christmas :) the is my greatest Christmas ever :)

  22. Katya

    This probably doesn’t count as a Christmas memory because I actually don’t remember this event, but it’s funny to hear my dad tell this story. One Christmas eve, when I was a lot younger, my parents forgot to unplug the lights on our Christmas tree after they went to bed. My dad woke up in the middle of the night and realized that he had forgotten to turn of the lights. When he came downstairs, he found me sitting by the Christmas tree in my pj’s with a present in my hand. When he asked me what I was doing, I replied “opening all the presents”. Of course, he promptly sent me back to bed. As it turns out, the next morning when he was telling everyone about what had happened, I had no idea what he was talking about. I do not recall this event at all… I was sleepwalking! Good thing he caught me or we would all have woken up to unwrapped presents :)

  23. ashley stells

    my favorite christmas memory was last christmas it was my daughters first christmas! we both had somme much funny up opening the presents. even thought she was happier with the box:) it was the greatest hoilday for me beinging a single mom it was soo happy seeing my baby girl soo happy!

  24. Alla

    My favorite Christmas memory is waking up every morning in Spokane during Christmas break, opening the door outside, and seeing this amazing winter wonderland outside! :)

  25. Brianna

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!! Hmm Favorite Christmas memory… As a child it was going to get a Christmas Tree with my grandma in 10 feet of snow (maybe not exactly 10 but I was lil and it seemed like a lot :)) then coming back and having hot coco and our socks drying by the fire then decorating the tree. To this day I still do the lights and Garland on the tree. tho this year I am pretty pregnant so maybe not lol My newest favorite memory was my son’s first Christmas last year. It was also the first week he crawled so it was amazing seeing him crawl to the tree and play with the presents :) I’m excited for all the Christmas’ to come with my lil one’s :)

  26. Angelina Chvorun

    My favorite Christmas memories come from when my whole Russian family would spend time with my American side, being their grandchildren. We’d leave the house early in the a.m., then drive for breakfast at Grandma’s house. Classy breakfast tradition, Grandpa Dale handing out gifts, cousins we haven’t seen in months chit-chatter with us, and a wonderful reading of Luke 2 by my grandfather. It’s the only Christmas I’ve had and it’s the best. :)


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