BTS: Earthy Greens Styled Shoot

October 18, 2012

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Last Friday, I had the honor of getting to style a shoot with an amazing group of gals. After setting everything up and making sure all was going to plan, I whipped out my camera for some behind the scenes (BTS) shots. I’m a terrible photographer, so most of the photos I won’t even bother bringing into the light. Here’s just a few to get you going and looking forward to when the real photos (taken by the talented Angela of Eminence Photography) will finally be ready for all to see!

To stay true to the earthy + homey feel of the shoot that I wanted, our location was a park where I spent countless summer days frolicking in. I also recruited three of my pretty friends to model for me. Too bad the rain decided to pour all day long with absolutely no breaks. We were constricted to a tiny space of about 20×20 square feet and it drove us all crazy. But I think, despite all that, we as a team worked beautifully together and I just know that the images are going to be incredible because Angela doesn’t produce anything less than that.

Soooooo excited to see the real photos! Thanks to all you ladies that come out and were a part of this! And especially a big thank you to my sweet friends who modeled for the day. You’ll see a photo above of one of my models warming her feet on one of the candles from the table. Clever! It wasn’t just wet, but the coldest day of the season that we’ve had so far. I was bundled up in my wool coat, and still couldn’t feel half my body after it was all over.

See more photos over on Facebook! And yes, my Instagram got a little BTS action too. It’s the first place for y’all to go to see what’s going on.

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