Autumn Walk

October 17, 2014

Filed Under : Personal

I finally started lugging my camera around in my diaper bag because Henry is speed-growing it seems and I’m not about to miss any of it! I have a hard time believing that just two short weeks ago, we were sweating in 90 degree weather. I took a stroll with a couple friends of mine and after five miles in the heat, we were beat and crying out for cooler weather. It was Henry’s last day going barefoot that day. Somehow that’s a milestone, right? Now it’s finally getting chilly and miserably wet. I love the chilly bit. There’s something so cozy about layering up. But when my toes get soaked — I guess those boots weren’t waterproof after all — not so cool.

So hopefully if my camera stays stowed in my bag, you’ll be seeing more of this type of post.


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