A Very Sweet Valentine’s

February 16, 2012

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This Valentine’s Day started one day early. A pretty bouquet arrived on my doorstep on Monday, and what joy! The next day, the husband got off work super early so we could spend most of the day together. We got all dressed up and made a short stop at our favorite coffee place, Thatcher’s, for a vanilla latte and some apple coffeecake. Then we drove out to the Pearl District in Portland and explored Powell’s Bookstore for way too many hours. I love that place, and I think my husband knows that very well, haha. I walked out with four more Nancy Drew books and the husband got himself some very old engineering books just to read for fun. I only like them for their cool covers. And then of course dinner with two of our very dear friends. I’d say Valentine’s Day was a success. What did you all do for the day of love? All images via my Instagram.

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