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August 25, 2011

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The Stationery Shoot was up in Seattle again, this time for two whole days. I packed up my bags + props, got a hotel room, grabbed my sister and headed off on a three hour road trip. This was my sister’s first time in Seattle, so she really loved seeing her first look at the city.

Sunday morning we woke up at 4am, preparing to head one hour north to our first shoot location: a little river. I had borrowed my dad’s GPS device, which we found to be a bit outdated map-wise. So we ended up going a rather longer way, got lost a bit, but finally managed to make it to the location only just a tad bit late. But we were all so glad that we took the wrong road. On our way there, we went through some thick fog and got to watch the sun rise through it, loving how all the color and shadows bounced off the fog. God sure does make beautiful things. We were all in awe.

The river proved to be magical. Don’t you think so? I had dubbed this shoot Water and loved the feeling of the place. And as usual, 6 o’clock morning shoots are a bit breezy and cold. Towels that we set aside for the model ended up keeping everyone warm but the model, who was standing knee-deep in the cold water. My favorite part? Seeing my raft idea come to life.

And yes, this might be a bit random, but I thought it was hilarious. This is our photographer {Daniel Usenko}, asleep on the sidewalk while waiting for our breakfast after the morning shoot. Still decked out in his swimming trunks at that too.

The evening shoot that same day was dubbed Secret Garden. The location? The Queen Anne neighborhood. I haven’t seen such beautiful homes in a long time.

For the next day, the weatherman had forecasted rain for the day. Great. Beautifully enough, the rain did not fall in the morning. Once again we woke early in the morning to get ready for the shoot. Our location, a field, was only fifteen minutes away this time, so we were pretty happy about that. This was probably my most favorite shoot. Julia Manchik and Julia Nesterenko did super fabulous styling this one. The shoot was dubbed Field Dreams and it was certainly dreamy. And a bit vintage.

The last shoot of the trip got the rain downpour. Such a bummer considering stationery does not like water. So some things got wet and couldn’t be used. Some styling ideas had to be crossed off the to-do list. So it was the shortest shoot of the bunch. Dubbed Forest Light, it was certainly not light but actually quite dreary. The crew livened it up though. Super fun folks, they were.

So that’s all for now. Since the rain started falling and we were all so tired, we decided to finish up the shoot sometime in September. Fingers crossed it will happen!

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  1. Michael

    Looks like a fun shoot! Suck about the rain though, but I’m sure the pics turned out amazing (can’t wait to see them). You guys never disappoint :)

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