A Glittering + Sparkling Birthday

December 4, 2012

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This past Saturday I threw a glitter + sparkle themed birthday party, with just my lady friends. I hadn’t done a party with girls only since my teenage years, so I decided to give it another whirl. I asked them all to come decked out in something glittering and sparkling, and I was thrilled to see that each of them did.

I made an inspiration palette last night to kind of illustrate what look I was trying to produce (let’s just say making an inspiration palette after the event occurs is a lot harder than I thought it’d be). I posted it right before this post, so make sure you go take a look-see.

Since my dining room table can only comfortably fit about 4-6 people, like every party we host, it was a buffet style party. So all the mingling had to happen in our living room either around the coffee table if you were lucky enough to get there first, or on the floor. To deck out that area, I bought a piece of sparkling fabric for the coffee table, glittered up some glass jars and vases to use as candles, and recycled the cut-off branches from my Christmas tree as the “floral” centerpiece. Even the bottles with the branches had glitter floating around in the water.

For the dining area, I laid out a shimmery gold tablecloth, glittered up some more jars, and had a few more bottles filled with glitter and the tree greens. I also made a glittery ribbon garland for the ceiling. I’ll put up a little DIY post tomorrow on how I made it.

15 thoughts on “A Glittering + Sparkling Birthday

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  8. Krista Dirksen

    Hi! I was wondering if you had a tutorial or anything on how to glitter the jars? I am looking to do something similar for my wedding. Thanks!

    1. Anastasia Marie Post author

      Krista: I don’t have a tutorial, but all I did was pour glitter in and moved the jar around and let the glitter stick to the glass on the inside by itself. Perhaps it’s not the safest way to go (in case the glitter starts burning up), but I had no problems at my party. Hope that helps!

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