A Foggy Love Shoot

February 11, 2013

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I remember my middle school days and my teen years, dreaming about one day finding the man I’m going to marry (and marry him, of course). When that time came, I remember thinking during my engagement period that my wedding day will never come. It felt like eternity waiting for that day and it was always ‘not today.’ So many emotions, so much joy and fear at the same time, and then boom — I was married. It’s been nearly four years since and I still find myself in awe of how things come and go, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. The anticipation of getting married was slow going, but married life is fast going. I almost just want to hit the pause button to take it all in. Thank you, God, for all these things you’ve brought into my life, both the slow ones and the fast ones.

Recently, the husband and I had a little love shoot to commemorate our four years together (yes, we’re just a tad bit early on that one). We had Yuriy and Julia of The Manchiks capture photos for us in freezing fog and I can’t believe how awesome these photos look. I can’t stop going over them. You can see more over on their blog as well.

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